• “In having a fractured sternum, I have learned how to breath fully and deeply, which will only help to fight AS. I learned how to “breath through the pain” as Peter teaches and I am healing. I was almost pain free when this happened and am confident that I will be in remission soon enough. Thank you all, especially Peter Winslow, for teaching me the way to heal and the power of positive thoughts.”
    –Laura McCoy Boening

  • “When Sky first started experiencing the symptoms of AS, we, as a family, tried desperately to “figure it out” by reading everything, talking to every one we could find in the medical and naturopathic medical community. We received confusing, often conflicting advice. As each program was followed, the dis-ease never eased, and usually increased. When Sky discovered Peter Winslow, he had a knowing that Winslow Method™ spoke to him – that Peter had information to guide him along the way. Heaven knows we all felt fear.. that this, too, could be a path to nowhere. However, Sky took the leap and it certainly did lead somewhere…. to remission of his severely debilitating AS symptoms! Something we all had believed was impossible! I can’t tell you the depth of the gratitude I feel every day.”
    –Kristi Denton

  • “The Winslow Method™ Group was an incredible experience! Listening to such amazing people like Peter And Ralph, who have great knowledge about AS is just wonderful. The main benefit I received was becoming 80-90% pain free! I’m having an amazing life. I now enjoy each and every day, and my attention has shifted from negative AS thoughts to positive, good-life thoughts. Thank you again. I hate to imagine what my health would be today if this wasn’t for this group coaching class!”
    –Himanshu Chirag

  • “For the first time in a year and a half my inflammation levels are UNDETECTABLE! This.is.HUGE. I am about to be on only one medication going forward, and I have not been on less than three medications since being diagnosed. The support here is so key. Thanks to this group for your support!
    –Matt Powers

  • The Winslow Method™ has all of the tools needed to help anyone with AS. It has helped me to make peace with myself while dissolving the pain. I have recovered from a bed-ridden 110lbs to fairly pain free 165lbs, living in love instead of fear, and actually being grateful for life. I am finally in harmony, and I AM HEALING. You Can Too!”
    –Anthony Paden

  • “Peter, thank you for your guidance. I’ve come off all medications and I feel better now than at any time in the last few years! I plan to help people change their lives in the way you have inspired me. My life has forever changed and I am now living my dreams. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this incredible knowledge with me. It has turned my life around in a positive way and I believe it was a wake-up call to restore my life. I don’t know how to thank you. For the record, I believe you are one of my guiding angels… thanks for directing me.”
    –Lo Saechao

  • “I suffer with Ankylosing Spondylitis, so I tried out the free sample you provide on your website. It works extremely well! I woke up the next day with at least a 30% reduction in pain. I thank you so much for what you have created. God bless you!”
    –Amrit Singh

  • “I love this ASVA group! It is a fantastic platform for us to learn and share valuable information. I have completely turned the corner and I am 100% adoring life again! For any skeptics out there, I am more than willing to share anything you want to know.”
    –Michael Quigley

  • “Peter, I am incredibly thankful for you touching the lives of so many, including Skyler. It was because of him that I received confirmation that THERE IS more than what doctors had told me.

    I had a feeling that that wasn’t just it for me. That there was something else out there. Because of your journey and your mentoring Skyler, well let’s just say beautiful things are happening and will continue to happen because of it! Just like the water flow of a river, reaching countless banks and weaving through different landscapes.”
    –Marissa Martinez

  • “Recently someone asked me about the sequence of events from the time I got sick to the time I healed from AS symptoms. I remember clearly that Peters book “Help For People With AS” put the final nail in the coffin and helped me understand what had just taken place.”
    –Ralph Ruiz

  • “Hey just want to let you guys know that you guys rock! Believe it or not you are helping me with my ankylosing spondylitis because you have said what I always knew – the path to heal is inside us. I’m a big believer that we operate under an extremely higher intelligence that does many things for us that we never know about. The ASVA for me was incredibly reassuring. I’m a professional MMA fighter who trains hard for my fights so being an athlete with ankylosing spondylitis had been difficult but now I know I can get better, thanks to you! You guys have definitely changed one life here!”
    –Kendrick Mendez

  • “Since I started coaching with Peter for relief from AS, the progress I have made is astonishing to say the least. I have made so much change in my life which has led me to growth & living without fear! It has made a HUGE difference in my life. I now wake up everyday with a smile! Thank you Peter.”
    –Mikael Petre

  • “I’ve had Ankylosing Spondylitis for over a year now and have been determined to heal since I was diagnosed. I’m reading Peter Winslow’s incredibly inspiring books, and absolutely everything in them makes total sense. I’ve been reading a lot of self help books to get through my troubled past and negative programming, and I find your books to be particularly helpful. Thank you for a goldmine of useful information!“–Bruno Merz

  • “My name is Jose Saldaña and I am 24 years old. I have suffered with Ankylosing Spondylitis since the age of 19.

    On my first appointment with a Rheumatologist my biggest fear was to be told that I could not participate in sports ever again. Playing basketball, baseball, running, and being active has always been a part of my life and I needed it most of all in that moment.

    I was given a prescription, some NSAIDs and Sulfasalazine. Looking for help online I found pictures and information that totally shocked me. I remember thinking that if I was going to end up like those people I’d better enjoy life while I can!

    In time I decided to stop the meds because I could not afford them, and didn’t want to ask my parents for more money. Then I began having stiffness on my lower back, which slowly developed into sciatica.

    At my next appointment, the Rheumatologist gave me a look I’ll never forget. It was deep disappointment for stopping the meds! I then felt like that was the worst decision I’ve made in my life.

    What would my future be if there was no cure and no way to heal? I imagined the worst case scenarios, seeing my goals totally evaporate, unaware that the stress of that was only feeding the pain.

    A couple months later I joined two AS Facebook groups for support. The first one was the Kick AS community, and the second one was full of warriors battling AS. After just one day I had to leave the first group. I just couldn’t put up with all their suffering and I didn’t want to accept that as who I am.

    Then I found Skyler Denton. He had posted a mind-blowing article called “The Antidote for Chronic Pain” written by Peter Winslow, founder of the AS Victors. I was open-minded for answers and results, so I checked it out.

    That article changed everything. Peter Winslow told how to create a pain free body, and listed the exact steps to do it. I must say I was skeptical but decided to give it a chance.

    By understanding key points of his teachings and comparing these things with my personal experience with AS, it all just clicked! I started trusting more and more of what these coaches are talking about, and it really worked. It all started with this phrase from Peter: “You have nothing to lose but the pain.”

    I changed my mindset to believe that healing really is possible and I began using the pain release system Peter provides free of charge on HelpingHealing.com. The moment I finished it, I could feel a beautiful change in my body!

    There are no words to describe that incredible feeling, but I knew it was joy and health. I ran to grab a basketball and started dribbling… and there was none of the pain that used to stop me from doing that!

    Since that day the progress I’ve made is wonderful. There were days that not even the medications would control the pain. Now there is just one medication left (Sulfasalazine) and I have no doubt it will soon be completely unnecessary.

    I now see my life in a whole new way. I feel blessed to share my story, and I am truly thankful for the AS Victors and their expertise in helping people reclaim their lives from the pain and suffering of AS.

    Because of them I went from victimization and “Why me?!” to high praise and gratitude for remission. I can now say that I feel truly blessed. I have learned much about myself and how to live a great life moving forward.
    Thank you AS Victors!”
    –José Saldaña

  • “Peter, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and guidance. You really care and it’s a very secure feeling.”
    –Shani Pavin

  • “I’m two-thirds of the way through your book Falling In Love With Your Life and I adore it! Your words are profound, simple, inspiring, motivating, clear, stimulating, stunning. I read a page and think, OMG! I read another page and say WOW! I read more and now I know you are the Real Deal… you are truly awesome!

    Please tell me you’re at work creating/being another wise and breathtaking message.

    Thank you”
    –Annie Russo

  • I love the Winslow effect! I was on half Meds all day and feel great!!!”
    –Ute McInnes

  • “I suffered with severe and constant pain. Then I came upon Peter’s CPR for AS Pain Program. From the first day it was like a miracle. Now every time I feel discomfort, I stop and do a quick version of the program to instantly relieve the pain. Thank you again and again!”
    –Barbara Wilson

  • “I want to thank you for introducing me to AS Victor’s and the book group. You all are so inspiring and I’ve learned so much!”
    –Dana Gambill

  • “I saw my rheumatologist on Wednesday and she no longer needs to see me on a recurring basis. Thank you Peter!”
    –Josh McDonald

  • “After working with the AS Victors I no longer take any medications. I was bedridden at one point, but now I can garden, sit for hours, hike on mountains, kayak, etc. My doctors say that my spine looks like that of someone 30 years younger. Sessions with Peter are priceless!”
    –Lynn Thompson

  • “I am here to testify that these people are a gift. Their philosophy really does work. I can honestly tell you that I feel at least 60 percent pain relief just from being around them!”
    –Christine Ebben

  • “I used to have a degenerating spine and was taking NSAIDs. I am now not taking any medication at all, and my spine and hips seem to have regenerated back to full health after putting the knowledge taught here into practice.”
    –Vikas Udupa

  • “I have been attending the live group coaching sessions and have been blown away by the teachings and the supportive community that has grown from the very first session. If anyone is truly ready, this group is a massive step into healing and understanding.
    –Cameron Trethowan

  • “I’ve already had 50% less pain following your principles and I’ve just gotten started. I can’t wait to continue forward.”
    –Mark Rudolph

  • “Thank you for your guidance into a pain free life! Never has there been a more rewarding gift, combining education and advice with self empowerment and control. For anybody who is still in the stages of the healing journey, get with these guys and stay the course! This is truly a life changing experience.
    –Ashley Flynn

  • The time I spent with Peter changed my life forever! Peter has the knowledge and experience to genuinely lead us in a very new and inspiring direction, and under his guidance I radically changed my life in the most empowering way. I achieved remission from the degenerative disease called AS and in the process discovered something few people truly have: A passion, a purpose and a powerful new life path. My quality of life is so rich compared to what it was before I met Peter.”
    –Skyler Denton

  • Peter Winslow, Ankylosing Spondylitis Health Coach


    The best advice and support we can get does not come from people who claim to know the truth, but can provide no positive results.

    The best support comes from people who have faced similar challenges to our own, and successfully conquered them.


    It’s a real privilege to work with so many people and make a tremendous difference in their lives.

    I’m very grateful to see my clients consistently improve as the result of what I give them.

    Words cannot describe how blessed we are to have overcome the symptoms of AS. It’s exciting to know that the best is yet to come!