My Journey to Freedom from AS

A tragic accident led to ten years of chronic pain, addiction, depression and a sobering diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. Doctors said the disease is incurable. Their advice was to take it easy, never lift anything heavy, and keep taking my pills.

Determined to live free or die, I searched the planet for any and all means available to ease my mind and body from the ravages of this devastating disease.

After years of study, I learned how to reverse the symptoms of chronic illness using a three-part approach: mental and emotional stress relief, practices to rebuild the body, and an enlightened lifestyle to support the desired outcome.

To my surprise, the regimen I created led to full recovery. Today the degenerating pain, anxiety and addictions that were a daily fixture in my life have completely vanished, along with the deep inner stress that fueled them.

I look back on the challenges with gratitude, for without them, I would not have found my true calling. My personal history has become a foundation of strength, and a guide for greater purpose in life. I serve my people with compassion, integrity and unconditional support; my mission is clear, and my resolve is unquestionable.

If you suffer with chronic pain and anxiety, begin to think of it as a great teacher. Your condition has an important message for you, and for those around you. It may even reveal the most important work you’ll ever do in life.

Peter Winslow, Life Coach, Scottsdale AZ

Sometimes, experience is the best teacher. There is great power in partnering with a coach who has been where you are now, and has successfully navigated the terrain.

Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. Looking back I realize that my recovery was years in the making, and with my guidance, yours can be a small fraction of that time.

In health,

Peter Winslow

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Why I’m Different
  • I’m not a medical doctor; I am a person who achieved intentional remission from AS.
  • Because modern medicine has no cure for AS, I stopped turning to them for answers. Then I created a solution for AS using natural methods.
  • I use a mind-body approach to recovery from pain and suffering.
  • I practice what I preach.

My experience and education provides me with the ability to offer practical and proven leadership to people interested in recovering from the symptoms of AS.

A Brief Overview of my Training:
  • Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH) with distinction in Behavior Modification.
  • Certifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychoneuroimmunology, Ortho-Bionomy, Myotherapy, Polarity, and Nutritional Sciences.
  • Master’s Equivalent in Holistic Nutrition.
  • Lecturer, teacher, author, retreat facilitator, and public speaker.