You have nothing to lose but the pain.


Dear Friend Who Suffers From Ankylosing Spondylitis,

Let me share an important story with you.

Peter Winslow, Life Coach, Scottsdale AZ

I’m Peter Winslow, and I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis when I was 24.

After eight long years of dealing with chronic pain, crippling stiffness, and endless waiting for a cure, the agony and depression I felt became so debilitating that I just couldn’t see living out the rest of my life with those horrible symptoms.

The chronic pain, muscle spasms and constant stress got so bad that I just couldn’t go on. I felt like the “walking wounded,” watching helplessly as the days of my useless life passed by and my body steadily wasted away.

If you have AS, you know exactly what I mean. You and I know from experience that it’s a devastating and oppressive way of life.

We know what it’s like to deal with persistent pain twenty-four hours a day; we know how difficult it is even to do “normal” things like holding a job or maintaining a relationship while fighting with chronic pain on a daily basis.

I remember waking up every night with excruciating and terrifying muscle spasms, fearing I may never sleep through the night again.

It would often take me two or three hours in the morning to stand up straight, or as close to “straight” as I could get considering the paralyzing pain I was in. Some days I could barely walk at all.

I also had a terrible condition called “acute sciatica” which is one of the most painful and damning tortures a person can endure. If you have that monster, I really feel for you. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Life as a Victim

My doctors did all they could to help me. But when medical doctors say “there’s not much more we can do” …where do you turn for help?

Let me be clear—I have nothing against doctors or pharmaceutical companies. I believe in using every means necessary to solve our health problems, and I have tried it all.

I went to all kinds of doctors and used every last thing they had to offer. I consumed bucket loads of drugs, and even got addicted to them—including the ones that can cause serious side effects—but none of them could cure the disease.

When traditional medications cannot fix you, what do you do? How do you cope with the pain and suffering of an awful and incurable illness?

Little did I know… how life-changing this question would become for me…

After years and years of the pain and suffering, depression and denial, I lost the will to live, and I finally just gave up.

If you were in as much pain as I was, you might do the same thing.

I had two choices, as I saw it:

  • Kill myself.
  • Do something about it.

So I actually did something about it. I committed myself to do whatever I could to ease the pain and stress I had suffered with day after endless day.

I stopped waiting around for someone to ride to my rescue with a “magic bullet” that never seemed to come. I went to the ends of the Earth and did whatever it took to stop the pain and suffering that I knew would eventually kill me.

To my surprise, what I discovered completely reversed the pain and symptoms of AS in my body.

It worked wonders for me. Maybe it can work for you too.

A Victim No More

Within days, I began to feel better. And what happened next completely changed my life.

To my complete amazement I recuperated from the excruciating pain, stiffness and other agonizing symptoms of AS that I’d suffered with for over a decade.

That’s right—the pain and symptoms completely stopped, and have never returned.

If this is how it feels to have AS, I’m absolutely fine with it. In fact, I have never felt better.

When the symptoms went away, my life completely changed. Now I’m into weight-lifting, doing yoga, and distance running—things I once thought I might never have the ability or desire to do ever again.

I also go for long walks and nature hikes on a regular basis, play sports, and I love to go dancing on the weekends.

My relationships have greatly improved, my personal life is fulfilling and rewarding, and even my career has benefitted.

Words cannot adequately convey the magnitude of joy and prosperity that happened as a result of my decision to stop waiting and get moving.

What I learned has also given me a clear purpose, and become the precious “icing on the cake” of my life journey.

Some call it a miracle, but not me. I know better. It was simply the result of learning what to do, and doing it.

The Big Question

If my experience with AS intrigues or inspires you, let me ask you this:

If you could change your story of illness and suffering to one of victory and empowerment, would you do it?

Please, think carefully before you answer…

Many people with AS have such limited information and even less faith in themselves that they may never feel better, no matter what anyone does to help them.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Are you waiting for someone to cure you? Or a drug that can miraculously repair the damage and degeneration, and rebuild your broken body without you having to lift a finger?

While you wait, your body will continue to break down, degeneration will set in and the pain will get worse and worse as you become more and more victimized by AS.

Or you can reduce your pain, reverse the degeneration and stem the permanent damage by using safe, natural, proven techniques that already exist and are available to you right now.

If you’re ready to take the next step, this message is strictly for you.

What is Most Important to You?

Most people with AS want one thing above all: RELIEF FROM THE PAIN.

They also want to end the stress, anxiety and depression, and feel confident that they really can get better.

I’m living proof that it can and does happen, and there are others I know who have done the same.

I’ve seen clients and patients use the information I’m about to give you and get immediate relief from the pain. I’m certain that if we can do it, you can do it too.

If you want a quick fix for pain that is safe, inexpensive, and gets more effective the more you use it, I’ve got good news for you. Let me give you what many consider to be a Godsend for people in chronic pain.

Powerful Pain Relief

There is a very easy technique I’ve found that is non-invasive, practically effortless and clinically proven to stop pain almost immediately. It’s called guided imagery.

When researchers at Harvard University tested this simple method of pain control, they found it stops acute pain in minutes and reduces chronic pain by 30% in 30 days.

You probably won’t find it at the doctor’s office, because guided imagery isn’t a medical procedure. Many doctors have never heard of it because it’s not a drug and it isn’t taught in medical schools. Yet it has been used successfully in clinical settings for pain reduction for decades.

Over the past 25 years, guided imagery has been established by research findings to have a positive and powerful impact on health and healing, and incredibly, the more you use it, the better it works.

It’s a very simple and powerful process which is shown to work more effectively than drugs to reverse long-term pain, stress and anxiety. And get this—it has absolutely no side-effects.

It’s one of the treatments I used to successfully reverse the pain and symptoms of AS, and it works.

There are literally thousands of studies on the efficacy of guided imagery, and you can find them online. Here is what The Cleveland Clinic says about it:

“…Guided imagery has proven to help people:

  • Dramatically decrease pain and the need for pain medication
  • Strengthen the immune system and enhance the ability to heal
  • Decrease side effects and complications of medical procedures
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Enhance sleep
  • Increase self-confidence and self-control

In addition… guided imagery can help patients undergoing chemotherapy, dialysis, in vitro fertilization or other treatment procedures. Guided imagery provides a powerful psychological strategy that enhances a person’s coping skills. Many people dealing with stress feel loss of control, fear, panic, anxiety, helplessness and uncertainty. Research has shown that guided imagery can dramatically counteract these effects. It can help people overcome stress, anger, pain, depression, insomnia and other problems often associated with illnesses and medical/surgical procedures.”

So says the highly venerated and esteemed Cleveland Clinic.Relaxed young guy listening to peaceful music

Do you want more good news?

Guided imagery is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do.

No joke.

You just lie down and listen to a relaxing soundtrack.

That’s it.

Do it yourself and see.

I’ll send you a guided imagery session to reverse the pain of AS, absolutely free. I want to give you something you can really benefit from, and this amazing method of natural pain control is an ideal way to do so.

To get your free gift, just click on the button below.

Your Life Is On The Line

If you really want relief from AS, you have to take it seriously.

If you approach your condition with the attitude that someone else will fix it, not much will ever change for the better.

Likewise, maintaining a doubtful mindset that you’ll “try” something to “see if it works” only sets you up for failure.

Think about the exercise programs people “try” for weight loss. Many of them come to the conclusion that exercise “doesn’t work”… but that isn’t the whole truth.

Lots of people exercise to get in shape, and stay that way. If exercise “doesn’t work” then it’s the user—not the tool—that didn’t work properly. Exercise works because you do.

It’s the same with guided imagery. Use it properly, and fully expect to succeed at it.

Don’t just “try” it—DO it, and do it right.

  • I suffered with severe and constant pain in my right sciatic area, yet my doctors always told me they could find nothing wrong. Eventually I fell and broke my right hip and femur. The pain didn't change, but now the doctors had something to blame it on. After two years of physical therapy, still no relief. Then I came upon Peter's CPR for AS Pain Program. From the first day it was like a miracle. Now every time I feel discomfort, I stop and do a quick version of the program to instantly relieve the pain. I even gave the program to my friend to try after her leg was injured in an auto accident, and she loves it. Thank you again and again.–Barbara Wilson

Don’t Wait Any Longer

When you get right down to it, nothing is more important than your health.

It should be quite clear to people with AS that it is incredibly, immeasurably important to catch your symptoms before they get any worse.

What you are about to receive can reduce the pain and symptoms of AS in even the most severe cases, but those who act sooner rather than later have the best outcomes.

Don’t procrastinate on this issue and don’t put it off any longer.

Powerful Help to Reverse Your Symptoms

There are many thousands of people with AS who need help and guidance, but I could never meet them all and work with them one at a time, no matter how hard I try.

To better serve you, I’ve written a few books which detail everything you need to know for solid relief from the excruciating pain and symptoms of AS, the same symptoms that I myself have personally faced up to and defeated.

The book that brings it all together is called Help for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Help for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis

This Ebook gives you detailed and practical steps to reverse the pain and suffering of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Use the clear and simple information in The Three Keys to Recovery from AS, and you can expect the following:

  • Your pain will improve by 30% up to 100% in under 30 days
  • You will sleep more soundly right away
  • Your stress and anxiety will begin to decrease
  • Your moods and emotions will improve within days

Not only will you get relief from the symptoms you’ve been struggling with, you will also benefit in these ways:

  • You will look and feel years younger
  • You will be much happier
  • You will become personally empowered
  • You’ll discover a new passion for life

Help for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis can also help with other conditions and ailments that you may have, such as:

  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Addictions
  • Chronic stress

When you’re ready to stop your pain, ease your symptoms and take back your life, get Help for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

The Help You Need

I spent a decade learning and testing the concepts I share with you in this book. It took years to find the answers, hours upon hours of research and development in leading edge science and the mind/body techniques that really work to reverse the symptoms of AS.

This book is the culmination of those long, hard years of effort. It will save you tons of time and trouble searching the world for answers to the most important issue you may ever face.

If you have AS, this book can change your life. In that sense Help for People with Ankylosing Spondylitis is veritably priceless.

I’ve priced it reasonably so everyone who needs it can easily get it: Just $19.95.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I stand behind my work. If you’re not happy, the book is free. I want to make it as easy and risk-free for you as possible. And by the way, you should know that no one has ever asked for their money back. From the day you receive it, you’ll agree that the valuable information in this book is worth many, many times the cover price.

Real Relief from Your Pain and Suffering

I know the incredible value of what I am offering, and how important it is for you to have this information. I trust you do too.

If YOU ARE READY FOR MAJOR RELIEF from AS, click the button below. You’ll be glad you did.

I consider it my honor and a distinct privilege to help you.

– Peter Winslow


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